Meet Jamil Frazier

Jamil Frazier is a motivational speaker, author, certified health coach, personal development coach, and the founder and CEO of Think Life Is Different, Inc. Today, his coaching network has served over 50,000 clients and is growing — but his impact didn’t always look this way.

In April 2012, he hit a pivotal moment where everything was out of balance. He was physically unhealthy, financially broken, relationally poor, and mentally frayed. Simply put, he was a mess. However, after deciding to build holistic health, he found traction on the path to true wealth.

Now he dedicates his life to guide individuals and organizations to achieve financial independence, healthy minds and bodies, and thriving relationships.

If there was only one thing he could do before leaving this earth, it would be to help people everywhere learn to think well. And he’s just getting started.

Shift happens.

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