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Published November 7, 2019

Here’s the truth. Amanda and I got married in September 2009 and by 2010 we both were thinking “What did we get ourselves into?” 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 we discussed divorcing… calling it quits, throwing in the towel. 5 years of trying to figure “it” out only to say “I’m done.”

In my book “The 12 Shifts” I outline how shifts like “You have Superpowers” “Do your own pushups” “Your Goals Dont Give a Damn” & “Taking Radical Responsibility” helped change my life and my marriage. The first 5 years were so chaotic but necessary. It was all perfect. When I speak in front of crowds these days my one prayer is that folks become mentally stronger. I was so WEAK mentally. The whole battle of life is a battle of the mind.

In my book I talk about becoming “the surgical master of your mind.” Later this month we’ll celebrate 10 years of marriage by taking the whole family to Hawaii. Stories and truths like these is why I started saying, “Think Life Is Different” years ago and now turned it into a company and movement. I find a lot of guys say stuff because they heard it off a YouTube channel.

The past 38 years I’ve been so grateful to have lived these things. Worked through these things. And have found great success in these things. All for these reasons. To give them away, to break chains & to serve others.