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Published June 23, 2019

I remember being on vacation five years ago. I had friends getting on me about “working” while on vacation. “You’re not going to work are you Jamil?”

Chapter 2 in my book The Richest Man in Direct Sales is about the Psychology of Wealth. I say Psychology because building a life of freedom is all about MINDSET. In 2012, I started thinking differently, which is why my tag line is Think Life is Different. I stopped thinking for 2012 and started thinking for 2023. I was 31 at the time and said by the time I’m 42 I want to be completely FREE to create a life I don’t need to take vacations from.

The BIGGEST difference between those who have and those who have not is mindset and what they’re willing to invest. Some will delay GREAT gratifications now to reap huge rewards later where most won’t. Most think “today” or “this month” or “the next vacation.” While others just think opposite and because they think opposite they DO opposite.

Years ago others went to family reunions and weekend vacations. I went to seminars. Why? Because I was (and still am) enjoying the now, but thinking 2023. To have any sort of success it’s about mindset, working hard, delaying gratifications and being like the ants thinking winter even though it’s summer.