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Published June 15, 2020

There’s something hiding inside of you that I’ll bet you didn’t even know is there.

It’s soft but hard. It attracts love and sows hate. It brings riches and leaves destruction.

Know what it is?

First, let me tell you a story…

Back in the 1950s, at a Buddhist monastery, a 10-foot-tall clay statue of Buddha needed to be relocated.

On moving day, a crane arrived, and the monks began to carefully secure the statue but as the machine began to lift it, the ancient Buddha began to crack.

They realized that more delicate equipment would be needed to complete the move.

That night it began to rain. It was then, in the dead of night, that the head monk struck out into the storm to check on the statue. When he arrived he noticed that beneath the cracks in the statue, a golden light had begun to glow.

The monk returned with a hammer and chisel and began to furiously chip away at the statue.

Each blow removed another chunk of clay, revealing solid gold beneath.

The monks fell back in awe. For decades, they had passed by the statue, thinking it a simple clay carving—when in fact it was a secret treasure waiting to be discovered.


Working Towards Lasting Change

In the same way, we often resort to hiding to protect ourselves.

We think and act from a place of clay—from a false exterior we’ve been forced to develop over the years, or even chosen to develop in response to our circumstances.

Up until I was thirty-two years old, I too was operating from this place. I spent the majority of my life viewing myself as a victim, as less than, as a man of clay through and through.

So back to the question at the start: what is inside of you (and me too)?


We need to realize that there is gold within us. We need to realize that we have superpowers, and that those superpowers are rooted in the gold.

We need to understand that within the gold is our own potential for real and lasting change.